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Bull Run Balconies

Balcony Rentals for the Running of the Bulls 2024

Come and experience the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona with us.

3 minutes, 850 meters, 6 bulls… A celebration known in every corner of the world that only a few have the opportunity to experience live. Do you want to be one of them? With a local guide by your side, you’ll discover all the secrets of the festival and enjoy the moments leading up to it from a balcony – the organization, the nerves of the runners. You’ll see the herd pass beneath your feet and enjoy a unique experience.

Experience the excitement of the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona!

Our Balconies for Watching the Bull Run




Where are our balconies?

Enjoy the Running of the Bulls with a privileged view from one of our balconies.

Our bull run balconies are located in 1st and 2nd floors along the running course. You’ll see it close-up!


City Hall


Santo Domingo

San Fermín Experience

Tour package consisting of a balcony to watch the bull run, buffet breakfast afterwards, and a “San Fermín tour” guided visit. The best way to experience Sanfermines.

Street-level barriers

A unique experience to watch the bull run. Street-level barriers on Estafeta Street, where you’ll see the bulls and runners pass by just meters away you. Always with total safety measures in place.

F.A.Q. about our bull run Balconies

Here we explain everything you need to know about our balconies. We also have many more services available for the San Fermin Festival. Any question? Please contact us and we will answer it.

We have balconies for rent to watch the running of the bulls in different locations. As a rule, all of them are located in first and second floors. 

We have a meeting point for all our clients. They will be accompanied by local guides from the meeting point to their balconies.

You can also be picked up from your hotel. Ask us about it.

In the meantime, our guide explains all  the aspects related to the origin and history of the running of the bulls. He/She  will also remark and make comments on whatever it may happen before the actual start of the running.

While watching and feeling the anxious atmosphere down in the street, our clients are offered coffee, some juices and biscuits on the balcony.

After the Bull Run we propose to a limited number of our clients to enjoy a breakfast at a local place in the Old Town.

Enjoy the exciting running of the bulls through the streets of Pamplona. Once the bulls pass, you will be able to watch the end of the running of the bulls on TV.

After the running, the guide will provide further explanations while clients watch a replay of the television coverage of the whole run.

We have a totally flexible cancellation policy. Please consult us.

Our balcony rental service for the running of the bulls is authorized by Pamplona City Council.

We are local guides in Pamplona since 1995 and a incoming travel agency since 2007.

Navarra Travel Agent register: CINA 0050

Pamplona local guides registrer: UETAC 001

What's Included

Local Guide

A local guide accompanies you during the service.

Flexible Cancellation

Check conditions.

Coffee and Pastries

Coffee, pastries, and juice provided during the wait.


Service with VAT included.

Why Choose Us

VIP Customized Services at San Fermín

We organize tailor-made programs at San Fermín for agencies or individuals.

We handle everything from accommodation, balcony rentals for the bull run, transportation, guided tours, and anything else you may need.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know what you need.

San Fermin is almost here!

¡Viva San Fermín! ¡Gora San Fermín!

Why is the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona so famous?

Every year, from July 6th to 14th, Pamplona becomes synonymous with celebration. As the chupinazo (a ceremonial rocket) is fired, the city bursts into life, adorned in red and white attire. Thousands of people from around the globe flock to the streets, transforming them into a vibrant tapestry of friendship, joy, and non-stop revelry, accompanied by the lively tunes of charangas and peñas.

The encierro (Bull Run) is a moment of exhilarating tension, where the bustling festivities pause briefly as runners prepare to dash alongside the bulls. Emotions peak as the race culminates in the bullring.

The fiesta continues with indulgent treats like chocolate with churros, the spectacle of Gigantes and Cabezudos, leisurely aperitifs, evening bullfights, and dazzling fireworks at night. These festivities extend into the early hours of the morning, offering an unforgettable experience.

Curious to experience the world’s greatest festival? Let us organize your trip to Pamplona with everything you need

Do you want to rent a balcony to watch the bull run?

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