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Erreka Incoming Navarra
Incoming Navarra

Erreka, Pamplona Local Guides

Our local guides company was founded in 1995, being the first company of the sector to be created in the region of Navarra. Such a service had not been offered in our region yet. It was then that we started the thrilling adventure of showing our city and the whole region to our visitors. We offer guided tours in Spanish, Basque, English, French, German and Italian.

We love what we do and it shows. We are eager to explain every single detail of the places we visit and we find really exciting to meet new people every day. Our company has evolved thanks to the incorporation of new people to our team but we have always maintained the enthusiasm of the beginning.

For this reason, many different private and public sector have acknowledge our work and have trusted and accompanied us during these years. In 2006 we were awarded with the I “Reyno de Navarra” (Kingdom of Navarra) prize.

Incoming Navarra

After starting our business in 1995 as local guides, in 1997 we decided to step forward and we created Incoming Navarra – an incoming services travel agency.

Why did we do it? We simply found it necessary to satisfy the needs some of our clients were demanding. Which are the most interesting routes? Which is the most appropriate hotel for us? What is the ideal restaurant for this specific group? What are the cultural offerings in the region? Are there any particularly interesting monuments around? These are just some of the questions we thought local guides would answer better than anyone else.

Incoming Navarra consists of a great team who can proudly look back to many years of experience and efforts. We design original and customized products for every client to make sure our visitors make the most of the experience.

Our work in focused on tourists who travel in groups, e.g: associations, companies, cultural centres, parishes, scholars…We also help small retail agencies to accomplish their trips to Navarra.

Quality Guaranteed

In 2007 we obtained, as a travel agency, the Commitment to Tourism Quality distinction in the destination “Pamplona”.

Guías oficiales Pamplona

We are local guides in Pamplona since 1995 and a incoming travel agency since 2007.

We specialise in Pamplona walking tours, routes in Navarra and VIP tourist services in San Fermín Festival. 



Registration No., Government of Navarre

Travel Agency: CINA 0050

Tourist Local Guides: UETAC 001

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