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Erreka Incoming Navarra

About us

Erreka Incoming Navarra

About us

Official guides of Pamplona and Navarra

Erreka-Incoming Navarra is the first company of official guides in Pamplona and Navarra. In 1995, we pioneered the creation of a local guide service in Navarra, at a time when such services were virtually non-existent in this area.

Since then, our adventure of introducing Pamplona and Navarra to visitors from around the world began. We conduct guided tours in Spanish, Basque, English, French, German, and Italian. Moreover, our tours are tailored to the needs of our clients. We offer themed visits, tours for schools and educational centers, pintxos routes, and much more.

We are a team of professionals who love their work. As local guides of Pamplona and Navarra, we enjoy explaining every detail of the places we visit and meeting people from different backgrounds every day. Over the years, new members have joined our team, contributing to our growth as a company while always maintaining the pioneering spirit of our beginnings.

This has earned us the trust of sectors such as hospitality, transportation, agencies, and various regional institutions, which awarded us the “Reyno de Navarra” Tourism Award in its first edition in 2006.

We are a receptive agency

In 2007, we took a leap forward and created a receptive agency: Incoming Navarra. This initiative arose to meet the demands of our clients. Who better than local guides to know the most interesting routes, the most suitable hotels, the ideal restaurants for each type of group, the monuments, and the cultural and natural activities taking place in our community.

At Incoming Navarra, we work with a great team that has many years of effort behind it, striving to provide the best service to each tourist who accompanies us. We design original products tailored to every need.

Our work is primarily aimed at people traveling in groups, including associations, companies, cultural centers, parishes, schools, and we also assist small retail agencies in creating their trips to Navarra.

Tourism Quality award from the government of Navarra

As a Tourist Guide company, in 2006, we received the distinction of Tourism Quality Commitment in the Pamplona destination from the Government of Navarra.

Our commitment to clients and our excellent service has earned the trust of national and international travel agencies, as well as businesses and individuals.

Why choose us

We offer you over 25 years of experience in the tourism sector in Navarra. Our guides are well-trained and have backgrounds in History, Art, and Languages.

We believe in taking care of every detail in guided tours; each group is unique, and our ultimate goal is for every visitor who walks with us to fall in love with our land.

Are you coming to Pamplona?

 Write to us and let us know what you need.

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