San Fermín Festival

All you need for the Fiesta

Every year, from July 6th to 14th, the word fiesta is written in capital letters in Pamplona. When the chupinazo (a ceremonial rocket) is fired the city explodes into life. Thousands of people from all over the world descend on the city, which dresses up in red and white. For nine days the streets turn into a feast of friendship, joy, music and non-stop partying, to the rhythm of the charangas and the peñas.

THE “ENCIERRO” (Bull Run) is the only moment of the day when the party stops, and great tension descends on the route just a few minutes before the bulls start their ‘race’ behind the runners. The surge of emotions culminates in the bullring at the end of the run.

The fiesta continues with chocolate with churros (long doughnuts), the Gigantes (ceremonial giants) and Cabezudos (carnival figures with big heads), the aperitif, the bullfight in the evening, or the fireworks at night. These then give way to all-night partying.

running ot the bulls balconies

Personalized services

Chupinazo Balconies

The chupinazo – the opening ceremony- takes place on July 6th at midday. Enjoy this unique experience having the best views of the square from a private balcony.

Balconies for the Running of the Bulls

The bull run takes place every day from 7th to 14th July . Our clients will see the running of the bulls from a privileged spot in 1st and 2nd floors balconies spread all along the running course. They will be accompanied all the time by a local guide who will explain all the details about this tradition.

Buffet Breakfast at Guenduláin Palace

We propose our clients to enjoy a vip breakfast right after the running of the bulls in one of the most impressive 18th-century palaces of Pamplona.

Pamplona Tour

Get a first hand information from one of our guides while touring the city on foot. Are you willing to know more about the San Fermin festival, the history and traditions of the city, culture and gastronomy of Navarra? Join us!

Special Dinner and fireworks

Every day from 6th to 14th July we propose our clients a very special dinner at Baluarte Congress Centre and Auditorium.

Hotel Bookings

We do our best to find the right accommodation to fulfil our clients requirements, getting better booking and payment conditions.


We offer high standing cars, mini vans and buses for transfers inside the city, to and from the airport or the train station, or for excursions around Navarra.


We offer to our clients a variety of typical souvenirs which they can offer to their guests, like the traditional red scarf or the red waistband.


Discover the best places of the Community of Navarre.

Gastronomic Programmes

Wineries, Pintxos dinner and different healthy tastes for small groups.

Exclusive VIP Programme

A customized VIP Programme so you do not have to worry about anything. Leave it on us!