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Walking tours In Pamplona

Discover Pamplona with our walking tours

Pamplona is popular thanks to the San Fermin Festival, although it offers much more to every person visiting us. That is the reason why we propose you different tours to enjoy the wide variety of tourist attractions in Pamplona.

In our guided visit we will walk around Pamplonas´s old Quarter: the way of Saint James, Pamplonas´s Cathedral, the city walls, Castle Square, City Hall Square or the bull run route.

Guided tours in Spanish, Basque, English, French, German and Italian.

What we see during our guided tours in Pamplona

With us you will be able to discover Pamplona. We cover everything about the Running of the Bulls or “encierro” that takes place in our city during the Festivals of San Fermín (6th-14th of July), made famous worldwide by the US writer Ernest Hemingway with his book “The Sun Also Rises”.

In addition to these topics, you’ll get to know the History of the city, from pre-Roman times until today, you will learn about the Way of St. James that crosses through our city since the Middle Ages, and you’ll take a look at our impressive gothic cathedral and our well preserved 16th century City Walls.

Who do we offer guided tours to Pamplona?

Travel agencies and organized groups

Students of all levels

Exclusive private tours

  • VIP’s: exclusive visits for individuals, couples or small groups (size: 0-10)
  • Groups: for big groups and agencies, we can provide several guides for large groups
  • Scholars: we are used to working with scholars in various languages, covering the interests of the students and the requests of the teachers

We tend to make 2-hour visits, but we are always adapting to the needs and interests of the group, changing the duration or the visited sites if needed or wanted.

Our themed guided tours of Pamplona

We offer general tours of Pamplona, as well as specific cultural-themed visits.

Pamplona Walking Tour

Guided tours of Pamplona to discover the city's most famous highlights.

The running of the bulls

A tour to experience the famous festivals of Pamplona and the running of the bulls.

Way of St. James

A tour exploring this ancient Christian pilgrimage.

Pintxos routes

Tastings to savor the famous local gastronomy.

Pamplona City Walls

A tour to explore the city's fortifications.

Medieval Pamplona

A tour about the ancient Kingdom of Navarre.

San Fermín Tour

Special tour during the San Fermín festivities.

Why us

The best way to discover Pamplona

A guided tour is always the best way to get to know a city, and Pamplona, well, it’s a city with a lot of character. Our guides dive into the extensive history of this city, a capital of the former Kingdom of Navarre. Pamplona, surrounded by walls and crossed by the Saint James Way holds a unique charm, and we’re here to show you it all.

Of course, we can’t overlook the famous San Fermín festivities. Pamplona’s renowned for the Running of the Bulls during San Fermín, and we’ll spill all the details on the city’s historical background.

What else will we share? Traditions, gastronomy, must-visit spots in Pamplona—anything you want to know about Pamplona, our guides have got you covered.

Pamplona looks better with a guide by your side.

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